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About Our Non-Profit Agency

Mission:  To provide young people and adults with skills that empower them to set goals, become effective leaders, pursue economic well-being and make healthy choices. 

Slogan:  Leaders Are Like EAGLES Soaring To Reach The Top

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       Officers and Board Members:


        Dr. Eva Tucker- Nevels - President  

        Charles Robinson - 1st Vice President

        Dr. Lynett Hookfin - 2nd Vice President

        Eula D. Stanley - Treasurer

        Karon Etienne - Executive Secretary

        Judge Tony Martinez - Board Member

        Douglas Ivy, CPA


Dr. Diana E. Clemons, Exec. Dir. Ex-Offico

Njeri Shomari, LMSW, Ex-Offico 

   FLON Executive Adult Advisory Board

                  Angela Martinez

                 Lazone Grays

                Board Member- (Vacant)

                Board Member- (Vacant)

FLON YouLEAD Logo.jpg

YouLEAD Assistance Network (YAN) Affiliated with FLON

    Officers and Board Members:

Dr. Eva Tucker-Nevels - President (Interim)

Dr. Lynett Hookfin - 1st Vice President

Executive Secretary: Vacant 

Sergio D. Moore - Treasurer

Terry Godard - Board Member

Dr. Diana E. Clemons, Exec. Director- Ex-Offico 

Njeri Shomari, LMSW, Ex-Offico 

Making A Difference In...

Kansas City, MO 

Kansas City, KS

Making A Difference In...

Arlington, TX 


Dallas, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Crowley, TX and 

other Counties in the DFW Metroplex

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Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON), was founded by Dr. Diana E. Clemons, and Njeri Shomari in Kansas City, MO in 1996, then incorporated in 1999 as a nonprofit organization with tax-exempt status under IRS code      501 (c) (3). 


FLON's headquarters is in Kansas City, MO, and has two regional offices located in Kansas City, KS, and Arlington, TX.  For nearly 24 years, FLON's focus on service and commitment has remained with teens, young adults, their parents, and other caring adults in the communities where we live and work.


Our agency continues to expand and has already served 383,500 teens, young adults, their parents, and other caring adults, who have participated in various initiatives across seven states, and the District of Columbia. These reflect our numbers as of last year, and we're still counting! We would love to include you!


We develop age-appropriate initiatives for young people and adults to take personal responsibility and self-reliance to empower them to take responsibility to secure their future to be self-sufficient (able to take care of themselves) It is for this reason that FLON and most recently, the YouLEAD Assistance Network, an affiliate of FLON were established. 

FLON is a trendsetter and research has shown this prevention intervention has made a statistically significant impact on young people and adults since 2004. 


Prevention is the cornerstone of one of our initiatives. Prevention from the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, involvement in any type of violence, and prevention from teen pregnancy.

Our participants receive age-appropriate curriculum that includes: Job readiness, Unlocking MY Potential, career exploration, financial literacy, True Colors, leadership & character development, and entrepreneurship. 


Pursue Your Dreams now promoted as Pursuing MY Dreams EAGLES Club Project was published in the 2011 American Journal Health Studies (AJHS) .  To download, click arrow.








We hope after you read more information about the initiatives  Future Leaders Outreach Network and YouLEAD Assistance Network (YAN)  provide, you will get involved. get involved.

​Thank you in advance for joining us and getting involved! 

          Dr. Diana E. Clemons 


Pursuing MY Dreams.png

Vision and Values

  • Be Committed

  • Be Accountable

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Engaged

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun

  • Spirit of Excellence

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Creativity Vision Photo.png
The F.A.M.I.L.Y. Village.jpeg


Arlington, TX Regional Administrative and Program Staff

Dr. Diana Clemons

Executive Director

(816) 985-1338

Juan Stewart

Wilbur Dawson

Youth Development, Administrative Specialist

Associate Director

Associate Director

(817) 987-1118, Ext. 301

(817) 987-1118, Ext. 303

Kansas City, MO (Headquarters) and Kansas City, KS Regional Office                           Administrative and Program Staff

Dr. Diana Clemons

Executive Director

(816) 985-1338

Shana N. Crockett

Monica Portley

Willie Taylor

Program & Executive Administrative/HR Specialist

Associate Director

              Lead Youth               Development Specialist

(816) 882-5757 or (913) 228-3324

(913) 228-3324 or    (816) 882-5757

(913) 228-3324

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