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                   Educational Virtual Reality (E-VR) for Academic                        Education, Career Exploration and Employment Training     
Today’s digital-born young person, as well as adults are not only a rising market force for virtual reality, they are the future of this technology.

With new ways to leverage immersive technology, utilizing virtual reality technology provides them hands-on simulation training in an immersive environment that gives trainees real-world experience in the skills they need for well-paying jobs. 

              A GAME CHANGER 

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Educational Virtual Reality Immersive Learning Includes...

*Core Academic Courses
*Career Exploration and  Training
*Construction & Architectural
*Forklift Operator
*Hospitality & Tourism
*Health Science 
*Aviation and much more

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                              Educational Virtual Reality (E-VR)   
                       200+ Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented (AR) Simulations 
    FLON and Community Partners, Kansas City, Kansas School Foundation for Excellence,
    Kansas City Kansas Public Schools are proud to collaborate with virtual reality agencies to
    offer educators  full engagement academic courses and career pathway simulations. 
Our team has over 70 years combined experience with the latest Virtual Reality (E-VR)
    Technology.  We expose young people, their parents and other adults to experience real-life
    immersive hands-on academic courses (Geography, Science, Health, etc.), international              and historical tours, career pathway occupations, job readiness, soft skills training
hundreds more VR and AR simulations that transform people's lives one experience                at a time.       

                         Educators Teaching Core Academic Courses                                   in Educational Virtual Reality (E-VR)  

Extensive VR: 670+ interactive VR modules Educational LIBRARY


FLON and Community Partners, Kansas City, Kansas School Foundation for Excellence and Kansas City Kansas Public Schools are proud to collaborate with our Educational - Virtual Reality (E-VR) agency to offer educators the world’s largest library of core academic course that are standards-aligned, immersive and interactive VR content.

Educators can choose and assign grade and subject appropriate interactive content, focused on the key concepts in their curriculum. Students learn by doing and can experience extraordinary locations or environments without the need to leave their desks.

VR Goggles

    A New Career Exploration Program Utilizing Educational- Virtual Reality Technology is a new innovative approach for career exploration education that is developed to provide hands-on immersive experience. 

 Educational Virtual Reality Career Exploration through the lens of virtual reality technology, the YouLEAD Progran offer middle, high school and college students and adults a way to explore career pathway occupations they might not otherwise have considered and or was aware of. 

Exposing students and adults to a variety of career pathway occupations equips you with knowledge about the career pathway occupation, education and or the training required to pursue the  occupation.   

To learn more about the program, contact               Dr. Clemons at


Immersive Virtual Reality and Robotic Development 

JOB READINESS:  Soft Skills 

Immersive Virtual Reality Preparing for Interview

 Construction and Carpentry     


Remote Students (Avatar) Attend Class in MetaVerse World.jpg

Remote Students as Avatars Attend Classes In MetaVerse Classroom 

Avatars Meeting In MetaVerse World.jpeg

Remote Employees as Avatars Meet in MetaVerse Office 

FLON work closely with Virtual Reality Content Developers who collaboratively  have over 600 career pathway occupation simulations. 

 Immersive Virtual Reality Simulations for Automotive, Aviation, Forklift, HVAC,   Physicians, Mental Health, Workforce Development, STEM, Construction, Robotic   Technician, Hospitality & Tourism, Healthcare and much more. 

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