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  Young Leaders of Distinction (YLOD) and YouLEAD – Leaders and Entrepreneurs Academy of Dreamers Project Initiative Feedback and Milestones

1.  Goal-setting: Encouraged young scholars to create their MY Future Vision Board, which serves as their personal success sequencing plan.

Return to a Lifestyle without Sexual Activity: Learned that if sexually active, it is okay to return to a lifestyle without sexual activity, promoting healthy choices and emphasizing the importance of personal boundaries.


2.  Decision-making and Self-control: Scholars demonstrated their ability to make informed decisions and effectively utilize the skills they learned to control their behavior, emotions, and thoughts.


3.  Job Interview Skills: Scholars expressed that after interacting with an educational-virtual reality real-life Avatar in the Oculus Quest headset, they realized they lacked knowledge about job interviews. They plan to utilize this technology to practice and prepare for future interviews.


4. Career Pathway Exploration and Job Shadowing: The career exploration module has allowed scholars to delve deep into various occupations and gain practical insights into the day-to-day activities, skills required, and potential growth opportunities within those fields. Scholars have actively engaged in exploring different career pathways and have demonstrated a genuine interest in understanding the requirements and challenges associated with each occupation.


5.  Career Readiness and Preparedness: Scholars who have participated in the career exploration module, utilizing Oculus Quest headsets, have shown increased readiness and preparedness for their future careers. They have developed a clearer understanding of the skills, qualifications, and experiences needed to succeed in their chosen occupations. This milestone highlights the scholars' improved readiness to embark on their desired career paths.


6 By achieving these major milestones, scholars participating in the YouLEAD program demonstrate their growing knowledge, interest, and preparedness for pursuing career pathway occupations. The use of Oculus Quest headsets has played a crucial role in providing an immersive and engaging experience that fosters exploration and helps shape the scholars' future career aspirations.


7.  Increased Parent/Adult Attendance: Another major milestone will be achieved when more parents/adults attend the F.A.M.I.L.Y. CARE Network sessions. This will be a significant accomplishment for many schools involved.

Seeking Young People to be a part of the Leaders of Distinction (YLOD) Ambassador Advisory Board



Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON) is seeking young people, who are the future emerging and aspiring global leaders and or entrepreneurs soaring (EAGLES) to new heights.


You have a voice, innovative ideals and you know what your peers enjoy as it relates to activities and having fun.


Our goal is to establish a YLOD Ambassador Advisory Board at middle and high schools, community and faith based organizations.


Being a part the YLOD Ambassador Advisory Board provides you with a unique opportunity to: • Contribute to the success of the school and programs we offer • Make a positive impact on public education • Serve your community • Expand your network and meet people with similar interests. 

Our team will provide training, you will attend activities and have fun, fun and more fun.  

Contact us via

We look forward to hearing from your soon! 

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