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Young Leaders of Distinction (YLOD)

Welcome to the Young Leaders of Distinction (YLOD) and YouLEAD Initiative.  Students are guided on a step-by-step journey through healthy life skills and through making healthy choices. 

Purpose:  The purpose of this program is to equip future leaders and or entrepreneurs with the education that teaches the facts and risks of drugs, alcohol, tobacco,  violence prevention, and reduce teen pregnancy.  Also, students will be taught career planning education that prepares them for the future of achieving their dreams that lead to self-sufficiency.

        Teen Pregnancy Prevention:

Equipping teens age appropriate evidenced based curriculum that teach them refusal and assertiveness skills.


Young People and Adults are taught to Set Behavioral Boundaries from Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and all forms of Violence, so they can stay focused on Pursuing their Dreams.  

What Students, Parents, Teachers and Principals Say About the Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON) Programs

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