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YouLEAD - Leaders and Entrepreneurs Academy of Dreamers EPICenter

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Job Readiness and Career Exploration real-life simulations through the lens of Educational Virtual Reality (E-VR) Technology. Real-Life Workplace Simulation Labs.  A New Innovative approach to preapre the future Workforce.

 FLON, Kansas City Kansas Public School, (KCKPS), Kansas City Kansas School Foundation for Excellence (KCKSFE), OmniLife VR, Victory XR, Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy, Hogan Preparatory Middle School and  Collaborative Partners in Kansas City, MO  have  a passion to assist in shaping career decisions and opening eyes to the possibilities that young people, parents and other caring adults would possibly never experience without the immersive power of VR.  


Through E-VR headsets, participants complete a career exploration assessment or will be fully engaged in real life career pathway/occupation simulation immersive learning modules (i.e., Construction, HVAC, Aviation, Cyber Security, Robotic Technician, Forklift, etc.).


Students and Adults “Pursuing MY Dreams” through engaging and innovative strategies is a “Game Changer”. 


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For more information, contact Dr. Diana Clemons 
(816) 882-5757

The turn-key logistical and career pathway occupation content seen through the lens of Educational -Virtual Reality (E-VR) Technology is FLONs innovative strategies that will provide the student immersive hands-on experience has been well received. 


The convenience will increase attendance, interest and the potential for success. This has created interest and excitement for local businesses who want to hire foster community collaboration and generate a workforce from within the community.


To that end FLON is currently collaborating with CJR Construction to launch  a community outreach program to recruit, hire and retain the underserved, underrepresented and previously turned away individuals to pursue a career in Architecture and Construction Technology.  

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