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Pursuing MY Dreams Curriculums

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Pursuing MY Dreams - Let MY Journey Begin! (Grades 5 - 12)
Watch Discovering My Future Career (Curriculum Lesson)

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The Pursuing MY Dreams age appropriate curriculum has been taught to 297,800 young people, grades 5 - 12. 

Pursuing MY Dreams - Let MY Journey Begin! (Grades 5 - 7)

Pursuing MY Dreams - I Can Do It! (Grades 8 - 10)

Pursuing MY Dreams - Soaring To New Heights! (Grades 11 - 12)


The vision for Future Leaders Outreach Network is to assure that program participants from diverse groups are educated from age-appropriate curriculums that provide them with skills to Set Boundaries and Say No to risk behaviors (i.e., illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, and violence).

Focused on teaching students to embrace a “Healthy Lifestyle” in order to have a more “Healthy Future”, as well as to create their MY Personal Vision Board, students can envision their future selves and the path to take them.

Students who avoid youth risk behaviors are more likely to Stay Focused on pursuing their Dreams for the purpose of securing their future to be self-sufficient adults.

When teaching the students, we reference them as “Future Leaders”, we say… “You Are A Leader like an Eagle Soaring to Reach the Top." Lead and direct yourself where you want to go!


We sincerely believe every young person can achieve what they set their mind to do when they make healthy choices in order to stay focused on pursuing their dreams.

The PMD curriculum is a positive youth development curriculum that includes many of the 40-Developmental Assets.  The lessons include Career Exploration, Discovering MY Future Career, now taught through the lens of Educational - Virtual Reality (E-VT) Technology, Unlocking MY Potential, True Colors, Job Readiness, Soft Skills, Financial Literacy, Introduction to Becoming an Entrepreneur, and Character and Leadership Development.  


The PMD curriculums have incorporated an innovative interactive technical model that helps students internalize through safe yet realistic ways how their decisions and choices can guide them into a thriving future.

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