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                      Thank You For Visiting                            
Future Leaders Outreach Network,
Commonly Known as FLON

Since 1999, FLON has impacted, 390,575 Young People, Parents, and Caring Adults served in target communities of Seven (7) States and District of Columbia
                     Thank You Partners:
                     Awarded $20,800,000

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            Missouri TANF Empowerment Network                   
  Empowering low-income families with children                   to achieve economic self-sufficiency   
     YouLEAD - Leaders and Entrepreneurs             Academy of Dreamers  EPICenter   
     A State-of-the Art Facility, where Young People,                        Parents and other Caring Adults                               will be Empowered for Purpose and Self-Sufficiency

Since 2003 Supported By:   

Community Partnernship:                         

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          HEALTHY CHOICES Equal 
                  HEALTHY PATHWAYS

                 Prevention Curriculum

Prevention from Youth Risk Behaviors.jpg

All forms of Violence

It Takes The Entire F.A.M.I.L.Y. To Raise Young People

The F.A.M.I.L.Y. Village.jpeg

  F.A.M.I.L.Y. CARE  Network 

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01 - Diverse Students (Photodune-312532).jpg

 Workforce Development  & Career Exploration 
               for Young People and Adults

                             Training Modules: 

  Job Readiness
                              Career Exploration
                              Financial Literacy 
                              True Colors
                              Leadership and Character
  Digital Skill Learning


TANF Purpose 1: 
Teen Pregnancy Prevention 

                        TANF Purpose 2:                                   Strengthening Families: Encouraging and Sustaining Two-Parent Households
                 F.A.M.I.L.Y. CARE Network

                       TANF Purpose 3
:                                               Empowering Future Pathways:                    Building Independence through                 Employment or Entrepreneurship                           and Healthy Marriage 


     Mental Health First Aid Education


Missouri TANF Empowerment Network

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