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YouLEAD - Leaders and Entrepreneurs Academy of Dreamers

 Academic Education and English Learning through the lens of                       Educational VR Technology 


For more information, contact Monica Portley
(913) 228-3324

 FLON, Kansas City Kansas Public School, (KCKPS), Kansas City Kansas School Foundation for Excellence (KCKSFE),  have  a passion to assist in ensuring that every student are academically successful and career/job ready after graduation.  


In order to increase the scholars knowledge, grade levels and retention that scholars would possibly never experience without the immersive power of VR.  Partnering with Veative, who offer educators the world’s largest library of standards-aligned, immersive and interactive VR content is adding value to the scholars. 

Educators can choose and assign grade and subject appropriate interactive content, focused on the key concepts in their curriculum. Scholars learn by doing and can experience extraordinary locations or environments without the need to leave their desks.

FLON  is currently making plans to expand the YouLEAD program in Kansas City, MO,  other school districts throughout the State of Missouri and Kanas and Dallas Fort Worth TX  Metro-plex.

Scholars pursuing their dreams through engaging and innovative  strategies is a “Game Changer”. 




English Language Learning in the VR


Of the 4 skills, Reading, Writing and Listening can be studied alone. Speaking cannot… until now.
VR allows for a multitude of scenarios, bringing learners into situations that instructors struggle to provide.


Using voice recognition to work on speech production ensures that learners are active participants in the process.


With a judgment-free, distraction-free environment, confidence is allowed to flourish. And a confident, motivated learner is a successful English language learning student.

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